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Sponsor a Whale

Sponsor a Whale

You can make a difference for whales and their essential ecosystem with the Sponsorship of a Humpback Whale today.






With a Donation of $75 or more you will receive the following package

  • Personal Sponsorship Certificate with your whales name, photo and biography
  • DVD featuring the famous humpback whale songs and different orca dialects
  • Track the movement of your whale on our Follow Whales Page
  • Receive a Members News letter and update on sightings of your whale

What a fabulous way to show that you care about whales or as gift for the whale lover in your life.  100% of your contribution will support the critical research necessary for the protection of whales.

How to Sponsor a Whale

Click the PayPal link and enter the name of the whale in the PayPal comment area.  Click the "Comment" link to expand the comment input field.

Barnard is a young mother who has been known to spend most of the fall months in Barnard Harbour, which is how she got her name.


Hook - We are not sure if Hook is male or female as this whale is still quite young. Hook is part of the large resident feeding group that spends most of the season here as close companions of the sea.


Jupiter is the star of the large feeding group and we are quite certain is in charge. We assume that Jupiter is a male as this whale is quite old but has never been seen with a calf.


Notch is one of the most resident whales in this area and loved by all. She has brought 2 of her calves to this area and is one of the few whales known to pectoral feed. We have watched in awe as she passes this technique on to her calves.


Saucer was a lone whale up until this year. We were all quite excited to see that this older juvenile has now been accepted into the larger feeding group and no longer travels solo.


Scotty - Ahhh, this whale we are sure is a male and is also part of the feeding group. Come fall we often see Scotty competing with other males for the company of a female.


Smiley - When you look at this fluke it is quite obvious why this whale was named Smiley. She is an extremely healthy whale, part of the large feeding group and has been seen now with at least 3 calves over the last 8 years.


Solar - This whale is still a mystery to us in regards to being male or female. We hope that in the next few years there will be a calf at her side as we assume she is actually a she. Solar is also a part of the feeding group.


Yoda - This is most defiantly the most famous whale of this area and the easiest to identify. When Yoda arrives, which is usually late summer, activities such as tail slapping, breaching and tonal blows are suddenly on the increase. There is something extremely special about this whale to other whales.


To sponsor by mail please print the form below then mail to the following address:

North Coast Cetacean Society
235 Spearfish Road
Qualicum Beach, BC
V9K2A6, Canada


Please make the check payable to the North Coast Cetacean Society.

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