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  • Mail check to the following address:


    North Coast Cetacean Society
    235 Spearfish Road
    Qualicum Beach, BC
    V9K 2A6

    Please address checks to the North Coast Cetacean Society

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We are dedicated to the research and protection of whales. We have the passion and determination to accomplish this goal, but our work would not be possible without your support. Cetacea Lab is supported entirely with donations through its legal entity, The North Coast Cetacean Society (NCCS). NCCS is a charitable organization; therefore all contributions are tax-deductible for Canadian residents. For residents and organizations from the United States with donations of $1000 or more we are able to give a tax receipt through Tides Canada.

A wish list of projects that need your help

A hydrophone station located in Squally Channel. This hydrophone would complete the array of stations we have already established and enable us to listen into the waters of Squally and Otter Channel. Please see Research page with maps of hydrophone stations. This station is located along the proposed oil tanker route for Enbridge. Any acoustic information we can gather from this station is vital for the protection for whales and this pristine coastal ecosystem. For more information please contact us.

Fuel and maintenance for our marine research vessel to:

  • Support our Photo Identification Program and whale surveys
  • Supply food and supplies for the lab and out camps
  • Photographic and technical equipment used by Cetacea Lab to monitor the acoustic activity of whales within the research area

This winter we will continue a program that involves schools along the coast of BC. The first phase will be to travel from school to school talking with students of all ages about whales and their marine ecosystem. We believe it is the children who will soon be the caretakers of this planet and we want to make it our mission they are well informed.
Support for our out camps and assistant program for students worldwide to join us here on Gil Island to be a part of our research team.

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