This page is to thank the following people and organizations that have supported us and the whales for the past 9 years. Your belief in us, and what we are trying to accomplish for whales, would not have been possible without your kind donations and suggestions to do all that we can to protect this magnificent marine environment that surrounds the Great Bear Rainforest.

To everyone in the First Nations village of Hartley Bay, thank you for welcoming us into your lives and sharing with us your culture and knowledge of your territory.

James Pilkington, your dedication towards protecting this coastline, and the valuable work you have done for whales has inspired not only us, but every individual that has had the opportunity to work with you.

To King Pacific Lodge, the best neighbours anyone could have.

The Bodine Family

The Zumwalt Family

Julie and Sam Rose
The Willow Grove Foundation

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Tides Canada

Mountain Equipment Coop

Rob Williams, Erin Ashe and Chris Picard, thank you for your patience, advice and collaboration to complete our first paper on the abundance of humpback whales.

To everyone that has taken the time to send a donation, even $50 has made the difference for our research and the whales.

This year we had a group of assistants help us with our data and other projects we desperately needed to complete. We are grateful for your time and enthusiasm.

Eric Keen, Caroline Hedin, Katja Schroder, Danielle Duguid, Florent Nicolas, Melody Van Den Acker, Valerie Stekke, Jessie Stoneman Isaiah Bolton and Robyn Hutchings.